JOURNAL NEWS ARTICLE: Holiday foods, Laraia’s Cheese Shop, Nanuet

Picture this: Your guests arrive for the holidays, and they’re awed by the assortment of cheese, crackers, olives, oils, specialty meats (prosciutto and soppressata) and gourmet ravioli that you’ve serving. Easy to achieve : You can get all of these under one roof – at Laraia’s Cheese Shop in Nanuet. Larry Laraia, who owned the store for 25 years (and still makes fresh cheese) sold the shop to Dorothy Clark, above, last year. The cute, immaculate store is chock-full of unique cheeses. Try Crucolo, a raw cow’s milk, semi-soft cheese with a sweet-bitter-spicy taste from the Italian Alps. If you like gouda, Old Amsterdam, is an aged variety imported from Amsterdam. Ravioli, made fresh at Laraia’s, is available in pumpkin, artichoke, butternut squash and lobster ravioli. Your holiday guests will be talking about you for weeks!

Details: 5 Seeger Drive, Nanuet. 845-627-2070,

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